New day, new gif
My, it's been a while.

Let's get right to it: life has been busy in all the best ways. I'm sad to say that I deprioritized my blogging with my focus on my new career & myriad changes around me, but that's a poor excuse for disappearing. Mea culpa.

Here's a tl;dr on the past year:

  • I left Enveritas Group and joined The Iron Yard's internal dev team
  • Still coding, still enjoying the work
  • We're happy to be living in Greenville now

Now, here's a plan:

  • Cleanup & technical updates
  • General update/reintroduction post
  • Weekly posts, linked out to social media
  • More OSS contributions (because there's really never enough)

Hang in there y'all. More to come soon.